Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Is your battery life also going down quickly after the iPhone iOS 7.0.6 Update?

(27-2-2014 update)

I also had this problem in the past a few times and I didn’t know why.
It has to do with some programs/apps running in the background, using up your battery – making constant contact via your internet connection.

Another possible reason:
When you update your iPhone directly via the WiFi (not via your PC), then it only uses a ca. 35 MB small patch file and this is maybe where it goes wrong. When you update your phone via the PC/iTunes, it downloads ca. 1GB and during the update installation it does a couple of phone resets installing a whole new software. Then you don’t have this battery problem.

For your information, there are Apps where you can see what programs are running in the background and use up your battery. However, in case you need a quick-fix which will close all your “energy sucking” programs in the background - See the instructions here!   

2 easy Steps:
1) First, double click the home-button and close all running programs by sliding them upwards.

2) Do a forced re-boot (Don’t worry – your data will not be lost)
by pressing the on/off button at the upper right + press the home button at the same time.
Important: Press both buttons (ca. 10 seconds) until you see the Apple sign – after that you can release. Then the phone re-starts, log in and the problem should be fixed. 

Note: This forcible reboot method closes all running programs in the background and it is more effective than the normal switch-off method. Only use in case of battery problems or when the iPhone screen should freeze.

In case the battery is still discharging too quickly, try the above again or do a re-install of your iPhone software via the PC with iTunes. Then the problem should be gone. 

Questions or remarks? Feel free to comment! 

PS: Don’t forget to switch off the Bluetooth connection after the new IOS 7.0.6. update.
This also uses up extra battery.